Llanelli AFC claim the Gary Lloyd Cup

Llanelli AFC made a truly thrilling and impressive performance after coming from behind and defeating Barry Town with a final scoreboard of 3-2 despite having been behind by 2 goals.
Rob Thomas and Bruno Forkuoh were the players of Llanelli AFC that managed to tie the game up 2-2 in halftime and Lee Bevan scored the game winning goal through a free-kick which sealed the victory to Llanelli AFC.
This remarkable victory from the players of Llanelli AFC is a memorable one for the Welsh club but not everything is going so impressively for the club and might have some obstacles to face in relation to playing in their home town at the Stebonheath Park as the chairman David Craddock states that they might not be able to play in their home ground.
The pitch fees at the Stebonheath Park will sustain an increase of around 30% for the next season and this might end up with the club having to play home matches away from own turf.
The chairman of Llanelli FC is David Craddock and he revealed details concerning the current situation of his club as he said: “When we were in division three we had to provide our own linesmen, but in division two there is the cost of two independent linesmen, which we have to pay’’

“Home games will cost us £120 extra just for linesmen. Crowds have been good this year, and I hope they get better for division two, but we need bigger crowds just to cope with the costs for linesmen. If we have increased pitch fees as well it will hit our cash flow projection.We are looking at all options and are considering playing games elsewhere, but obviously we don’t want to do that

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