Javier Hernandez says that Wayne Rooney gets special privilege

Javier Hernandez joined Manchester United on April of 2010 and performed with the Premier League club for 6 seasons before eventually leaving due to the fact that he was dropped to the bench for the majority of his time spent in Old Trafford.

The Mexican player just never seemed to gain the confidence from Louis van Gaal as the Dutch coach opted to keep Javier Hernandez as a substitute player and in many matches he just didn’t play at all.

Hernandez was eventually transferred to Real Madrid on a loan deal but after failing to convince the coach of the Spanish club Carlo Ancelotti, Hernandez decided to join Bayer Leverkusen and he is now one of the main stars of the German club and an active goal-scorer.

The 27 year old striker has recently revealed details concerning how it was to perform in Manchester United and the Mexican player also unveiled information concerning Wayne Rooney as the Mexican player believes that Rooney is receiving special benefits in Old Trafford and this was one of the reasons of why he was forced to leave the club.

“He just told me that my chances to play would be very hard. I appreciate that he was very honest since the beginning. When I left, he told me my chances and my opportunities were going to be less because his main striker was going to be Wayne Rooney. If he wasn’t fit for example, I was going to play but when he was ready he would play.” Javier Hernandez said.

According to Javier Hernandez, Louis van Gaal had told him that Wayne Rooney was going to get the starting role ahead of the Mexican player as long as Rooney was fit and it didn’t even matter how Hernandez performed in the training sessions or how much he worked, it was Rooney who was going to get the spot ahead.


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