They said he couldn’t do it. He doesn’t have the young blood or sharp instinct to survive as a striker in the most demanding league in the world. Despite playing for Juventus, Inter and AC Milan plus Barcelona, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was still confined to the virtual regard the English like to have for their “hard” league most especially since the Swedes last point of domination before heading to Manchester was the French Ligue 1.

One year later and it is clear that Ibra came, saw and “zlataned.” Yes we know that ain’t English but give it time and the guys at Oxford University Press will have no choice but to the needed.

And that is just one of the many examples of how the man Ibrahimovic asides his obvious talent made more obvious by his giant-like features, has inspired the rest of the world and made them believe that you football mixed with swag can be the new gold. Disciples like Paul Pogba have since continued that gospel in Manchester and to the rest of the world through social media.

The Major League Soccer since coming of age has made use of a substantial number of popular footballers to aid their global reach. David Beckham and Thierry Henry have since made their impact and left their footprints on the other side of the Atlantic as “Gods own Country” struggles to convince the rest of the world that they too can make a reasonable impact in soccer.

That is why they need marketable professionals. In spite of their search for profit yielding assets, players that can still deliver on the pitch still remain a priority. The fact that the Australia soccer latest news website is reporting an interest in Ibra from the A-League also suggests that they recognise the potential of bringing in top-class players to help transform the league.

David Beckham is the last player that was able to marry the two together. With Ibra still out of contract, MLS franchise teams will do well not to miss out on probably the only player in the world that can recreate the Beckham-effect.

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