Giggs Refuses HOnour

Manchester United assistant manager Ryan Giggs retired as a footballer last season after a stellar career. He is the current record holder for the most number of appearances made by any player of Manchester United. He came close to making 1000 appearances in all competitions. During this period, he won every title with United including 13 lead trophies and two Champions League medals. He is regarded as one of the greatest players to have represented the club. Giggs brought an end to his reign as a footballer by not featuring in the last few matches despite being the interim manager.

In order to focus on his managerial career, Giggs announced his retirement. That have been suggestions that United have been considering retiring the number 11 jersey worn by the 41-year-old. This tradition has been followed by some of the top clubs as an appreciation for the club’s long serving players. Some of the famous names who have had their shirt numbers retired include Diego Maradona at Napoli. Giggs, though, has stated that he does not want such special appreciation. He has called on for the club to continue offering the number 11 jerseys to players should they be willing to choose it.

Over the years, United have had several great players including George Best and Eric Cantona. “There are obviously special cases but it just depends on the club, really. I don’t think it’s for United, where they constantly churn over great players. I haven’t thought about who will take over the No.11 shirt – that’s a good question. They’re under pressure, aren’t they? I look forward to seeing who takes it and wish them all the best,” said Giggs. Currently, the number 11 shirt is vacant, but given the way United have been signing players in the last few weeks, it could soon be filled.

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